Even in the case of a possible claim, we can provide, through to years of experience in this field, competence and effectivity.

Our team is specialized in the administration and legal management of claims. With the vision to offer service excellence, we partner with external experts, mostly in the property and special risks sector.


This is precisely why we have always been able to guarantee added value for our clients.


Our strengths include in particular:

1. Our individual consultation - based on the specific needs and requirements of our customers, providing significant added value through tailored solutions.

2. Our quick response time - as delays in the event of a claim can significantly impact business operations. Our effective claims management aims to process our customers' claims promptly and professionally.

3. Our specialized partners - including specialized internationally connected law firms, as well as competent experts, insurance partners, and other professionals.

4. Our accuracy - is crucial for the accuracy of damage assessment. Our team is always able to assess the damage accurately to ensure fair and appropriate compensation for our customers. This reduces the risk of discrepancies and legal disputes with risk carriers and insurance companies.

5. Our incident prevention - includes, in addition to claims management, preventive measures for our customers.


Our team is specialized in various areas

Successful claims management goes beyond the simple processing of claims and includes proactive measures to minimize risks and ultimately protect the financial stability and reputation of our clients.

  • Building and construction damage
  • machine breakage
  • Extended Coverage
  • Liability risks
  • lifts and cableways
  • Solar energy (photovoltaics)
  • Wind and waterpower
  • Natural hazards
  • Fire/storm/hail
  • Property valuation
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