SG SERVICES for industry and commerce

SG SERVICES is located in Bolzano. Founded in 2010, the company has developed into a medium-sized consulting firm for industry and commerce, specialized in risk management.

SG SERVICES offers services from risk analysis to needs analysis and concept design through to claims management.

SG SERVICES applies the principles of a completely independent consultancy – there are no contractual or commission-driven relationships with insurance companies.

SG SERVICES since 2010

Our team

Management & Administration

Stefan Gamper

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+39 335 60 20 478

Evi Saltuari

Administration & Accounting
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Daniela Ferri

Claims Management
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Nicole Gamper

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Cristina Bisaglia

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Selina Reale

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Alessandra Schileo

Legal advice


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+39 0471 054 950

Our activity profile


As an independent consultancy company specialized in risk management, we are active in the sectors of commerce and industry with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These companies (sectors including: craft, trade, industry, service and tourism) are fundamental for the employment levels and growth of their countries.

Based on many years of experience we understand the insurance needs of these companies! We also know the strengths and services of the individual insurance companies. That’s why we are able to guarantee our Clients the best consultancy and service in all insurance matters.

Due to the growing complexity of our business world, more and more companies find themselves increasingly compelled to outsource some of their business activities to third party companies and external service providers.

As an Outsourcing-Service Partner we can offer our Clients comprehensive professional support in risk management and are on hand to answer all insurance issues with specific expertise.

We help our Clients to find their way around this complex market and make sure that their business risks are effectively protected, at the best cost-performance ratio.

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