Our consultancy – your benefit

  • We do not sell insurance products, but provide concept solutions for our Clients.
  • In our company you won’t receive commission-driven consultancy.
  • Thanks to previously agreed fees, you can receive the same or better services with more favourable conditions.

The solutions of SG SERVICES is fair and objective, our consultancy is not paid by the product provider, but by the customer.

SG SERVICES - the best cost-performance ratio

We offer various consulting services:

  • Inventory
  • Risk analysis and risk evaluation
  • Drawing up of needs analyses
  • Optimization of existing insurance positions
  • Periodic checks and alignment of insurance contracts
  • Elaboration of coverage solutions
  • Contract negotiations with insurers
  • Brokerage of coverage concepts
  • Management and administration of insurance positions
  • Assistance in damage prevention
  • Settlement of claims

SG SERVICES advisory activity results in tangible and workable recommendations for our Clients!

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